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Beeketal meat grinder sausage filler 80kg complete stainless steel FW300 + kitchen cutter BKK03

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Variantennummer:FW300 + BKK03

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Beeketal meat grinder FW300 incl. Beeketal kitchen cutter BKK03 in a low-priced value package!



Technical data meat mincer:

Model: FW300
Connection: 230 V - 50 Hz
Power: 300 watts
Capacity: 80 kg/hour.
Dimension: approx. 210 x 200 x 315 mm
Weight: approx. 20 kg


Technical data kitchen cutter:

Model: BKK03
Connection: 230 V - 50 Hz
Power: 800 watts
working volume: max. 3L
dimensions: Approx. 320 x 300 x 500 mm
U / Min:    1800 - 2300




New Model 


In this offer you will receive the Beeketal meat grinder FW300, as well as the Beeketal kitchen cutter BKK03


Description Meat grinder FW300:


The mincer complies with the latest EU regulations for food safety (consumer protection, accident prevention regulations, meets HACCP guidelines). This means that our mincer can be used without restriction in all areas of meat processing.

The housing is completely made of stainless steel (polished). Stainless!

SCHNECKE, perforated discs, counter screw for perforated discs also in stainless steel!!! (compare with competitors, often this is only made of steel or aluminium).

Incl. 3 perforated discs in 3 mm, 5 mm and 8 mm and 2 knives

(thus one perforated disc and one knife more than most competitors)

Incl. high quality plastic meat stuffer. (for pressing the raw meat)

Incl. plastic filling spout for the production of sausages. Also ideal as sausage filler!

Incl. holding and transport handle

Incl. safety switch in case of overfilling / overloading

Incl. motor cooling suitable for high throughput (capacity 80kg/hour)

The non-slip rubber feet of the mincer ensure safe handling

Very solid construction

Easy operation

Very easy cleaning!

Ideal for butchers, butchery, kitchen, gastronomy, canteen kitchens ....

Of course detergent resistant

Suitable for right and left handers

New in our FW-series: Model incl. reverse gear



Description Kitchen Cutter BKK03:


Large 3 litre working volume

Ideally suited for home use, party service, small catering kitchens

Special cutting knife for best results

Easy to use

Cuts meat, vegetables and fruits etc.




The Beeketal meat grinder FW300 is a top product for food production.

Our meat grinder is one of a few that is made entirely of stainless steel. So this concerns not only the housing, but also parts such as the worm, counter screw for perforated discs, the perforated discs, transport worm, feed chute, etc.

The Beeketal kitchen cutter BKK03 is ideal for the production of sausage meat of various kinds. The kitchen cutter cuts meat, ice cream, vegetables and fruit, etc. just as you wish.

The cutter has a working volume of max. 3 litres.

You produce best products with best tools.