Beeketal Gastro stainless steel ladle Soup ladle II. CHOICE

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Technical data:


Model: SKB-18 SKB-20 SKB-25
Dimension length: approx. 910 mm approx. 980 mm approx. 1020 mm
diameter trowel: approx. 175 mm approx. 205 mm approx. 250 mm
Volume of trowel: approx. 1.1 litres approx. 2 litres approx. 3.5 litres
Net weight: approx. 1 kg approx. 1,2 kg approx. 1,5 kg


Product Notice:
Please note that the soup ladles have external processing defects, in the form of scratches, weld defects or the like!
We have enclosed a few pictures of the above-mentioned external processing defects.
For this reason, the soup ladles offered here are offered exclusively as II. choice.
Should you decide to purchase, we ask you to accept the above-mentioned defects accordingly.
The soup ladles are not affected by this in the function!








  •  Made entirely of stainless steel
  •  Ideally suited for canteen kitchens, gastronomy etc.
  •  With hook - Suitable for hanging
  •  Large volume: selectable
  •  Firmly welded
  •  Very sturdy design
  • Food safe



Model SKB-18:



Model SKB-20:



Model SKB-25: