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Beeketal Gastro Toaster Continuous Toaster

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Technical data:


Model: DTB-1 DTB-2 DTB-3
Connection: 230 V - 50 Hz 230 V - 50 Hz 230 V - 50 Hz
Power output: 1360 Watt 2200 Watt 2800 Watt
Features: 7 speed levels 7 speed levels 7 speed settings
temperature setting: 3 different Heat regulation
(standby, roll, toast)
3 different. Heat regulation
(standby, rolls, toast)
3 different. Heat regulations
(standby, rolls, toast)
Width of top tray/grid: approx. 170 mm approx. 250 mm approx. 350 mm
Width output tray bottom: approx. 170 mm approx. 250 mm approx. 350 mm
Dimension rear outlet opening (W/H): approx. 185 x 100 mm approx. 270 x 100 mm approx. 370 x 100 mm
Dimension (W/D/H): approx. 300 x 780 x 390 mm approx. 380 x 780 x 410 mm approx. 480 x 800 x 400 mm
Power cable length: approx. 1600 mm approx. 1600 mm approx. 1600 mm
Net weight: approx. 11 kg approx. 13 kg approx. 15,5 kg

(Shows the model DTB-2)




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Stainless Steel Case

Ideal for catering, hotels, restaurants etc.

7 speed levels

Designed for up to approx. 180 to 720 toasts per hour (depending on settings)

No fixed installation necessary

3 different heat settings (function: standby, bun, toast)

Incl. crumb tray

Equipped with a front and back dispenser

Height adjustable feet

Addition compartment suitable for max. 4 toasts (depending on size as well as model)

Stable stand, due to high weight
  Easy cleaning

Easy cleaning

Elegant modern design

Very solid construction

Fast and easy to use









The Beeketal continuous toaster is ideally suited for use in the hotels, restaurants etc.. With the continuous toaster you can quickly and easily prepare delicious crispy toast and rolls.
The continuous toaster is fast and easy to useso the continuous toaster can be ideal for buffets or the like or the like.

Through the 3 different heat regulations and 7 speed levels, the toast can be toastedthe toast can be toasted according to your wishes.
At the lower speed levels (level 1-2), the toaster has a faster cycle and the toast is toasted lighter. At the medium speeds (speeds 3-4), the cycle is slightly slower and the toast is toasted to an even golden brown. At the higher levels (level 5-7), the cycle is very slow and the toast is toasted darker.

The conveyor toaster is equipped with a crumb tray and is therefore easy to clean. The crumb tray can be completely removed from the appliance.

The timeless design toaster fits into any ambience, is inconspicuous and practical.

With the continuous toaster you can toast toasts in the shortest possible time. toasted. For up to approx. 180 to 720 toasts per hour (depending on the setting).
Thus, for example, at brunch or buffet no long waiting times.
The addition compartment is suitable for max. 4 toasts. (depending on size and model)

The continuous toaster is equipped with front and back output equipped. You can thus control the output of the toast or rolls individually as required.

Due to the height-adjustable feet the continuous toaster has a safe and stable stand stand.

The continuous toaster is affordable and through the high possible throughput, results in an economy that is second to none. So your investment will probably pay off sooner than you think.


  • 1,5 Kg Trockenmasse-Kapazität
  • 6 Geschwindigkeiten
  • 800 W für Kraftvolles arbeiten
  • Stabiler Stand durch hohes Gewicht von ca. 10 Kg und Saugfüßen