Beeketal Kebab Maker attachment PVC + 10 pcs. Kebab skewers BGS3

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Technical data:

Diameter flange: approx. 52 mm
Dimension of skewers: approx. L: 600 mm, W: 20 mm, H: 1.8 mm

(Attachment suitable for all Beeketal sausage fillers of the BT/BTH and MT/MTH series)
Compare exactly the flange diameter of other manufacturers before buying to avoid a wrong purchase!





(Example picture: This offer does not include the sausage filler shown. There are only the PVC kebab attachment and 10 pcs. Kebab skewers in the scope of supply contained!)



Who looks at this ad, will probably already know what an Adana Kebab is.
  For everyone else here is a short explanation.

Adana Kebab is a special form of preparation in Turkish cuisine that originates from Adana,
a Turkish city.

In the original, fat lamb or mutton is used, which is processed into minced meat.
is processed. This is put on special skewers and then cooked over an open fire
(charcoal) cooked.










Adana Kebab is prepared spicy with chilli flakes, which are called Pul Biber in Turkish.
in Turkish. Otherwise, you taste this spicy dish still with salt.

Of course, you can season the minced meat to your taste. We like to add
garlic, finely diced onions and cumin to the dough. Of course you can also use any other
meat that you can make minced meat from.

Now you can surround each individual skewer with minced meat in painstaking manual work, or
you can use the Beeketal Adana Kebab attachment. Suitable for all Beeketal sausage fillers!
10 kebab skewers with a length of 60 cm are already included.
The kebab attachment is made of high-quality PVC.

Enchant yourself and your guests with an extremely tasty dish.



(Example picture)