Beeketal Gastro Spiral Kneader Dough Mixer

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Beeketal dough kneading machine BTK series in different versions!

You can select the appropriate size and version above in this offer!




  BTK10 BTK20 BTK30 BTK40
Mixing bowl volume: 10 litres 20 litres 30 litres 40 litres
Capacity (dry flour): max. 4 kg flour max. 8 kg flour max. 12 kg flour max. 16 kg flour
Connection: 230 V - 50 Hz 400 V - 50 Hz (16A) 400 V - 50 Hz (16A) 400 V - 50 Hz (16A)
Power: 1100 watts 650/850 Watt 1300/1800 Watt 2200 watt
Dough hook speed: 156 rpm 100/156 rpm 100/156 rpm 103/156 rpm
Mixing bowl speed: 18 12/18 (depending on speed) 12/18 (depending on speed) 16/11 (depending on speed)
Bowl inner diameter: approx. 300 mm approx. 360 mm approx. 410 mm approx. 450 mm
Dimension (L/W/H): approx. 660 x 350 x 800 mm approx. 750 x 450 x 910 mm approx. 800 x 510 x 1000 mm approx. 860 x 490 x 955 mm
Power cable length: approx. 1700 mm approx. 1950 mm approx. 1800 mm approx. 2000 mm
Net weight: approx. 105 kg approx. 124,5 kg approx. 172 kg approx. 182 kg


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NOTE: The upper lid of the model BTK10, BTK20, BTK30 is made of GFK (glass fiber reinforced plastic)!


BTK20, BTK30, BTK40 dough mixers are equipped with a 400 V three-phase plug (heavy current).
Please note that the installation of a three-phase plug requires the consent of the respective electricity provider.
Furthermore, the dough mixer may only be installed by an electrician who is listed in the electricity supplier's directory.


(Shows model BTK10)





New Model

Large total volume optional with 10L - 20L - 30L - 40L

Fold up mixing arm and removable mixing bowl  

Incl. timer (set time, turn on machine, machine stops automatically at end of time) 

Mixer and mixing bowl rotate selectable in 2 speeds each
(Model: BTK20, BTK30, BTK40)


The model BTK10 is equipped with only one speed

Special agitator design allows for more even mixing

No fixed installation necessary: high machine weight ensures best stability

On rollers for increased flexibility and less space requirement

Low maintenance and easy cleaning due to removable mixing bowl











NOTE: The lid of the model BTK10 is made of GFK (glass fiber reinforced plastic)!




NOTE: The lid of the BTK20 model is made of GRP (glass fiber reinforced plastic)!




NOTE: The cover of the BTK30 model is made of GRP (glass fibre reinforced plastic)!



The Beeketal dough kneading machines are real workhorses!

The Beeketal dough kneading machines are ideally suited wherever a high high performance is required. Due to the removable stainless steel mixing bowl a large quantity of dough can be produced.

The Beeketal dough mixers are always useful when you do not want to depend on large kitchens, for example, in pizzerias for the production of pizza dough. In small cafés that produce their own cake dough, in farm and organic shops that want to produce fresh bread from their own grain for their select clientele.

Exclusivity outside of the large kitchens and large bakeries, everywhere where it depends on individuality and quality e.g. bakeries, hotels, restaurants, canteens and so on.

The machines are very robust and require little maintenancewhich allows a cost-efficient operation of the machines. The machines are inexpensive to purchase and will help you quickly and efficiently to work.

The timer has been newly integrated into the machines. So you knead your dough always exactly as you want it. Simply set the time in the machine, turn on the machine and the timer ensures that the machine switches off automatically exactly after the preset time. This increases your efficiency and ensures consistent quality of your dough.

The new mixer design ensures that the dough is kneaded even more kneaded more evenly the dough is kneaded even more evenly, the quality of the dough is better and further processing is made easier.

2 speeds (depending on model) make you more flexible in processing the raw materials. So you can decide if a slower kneading is better for your dough or if a shorter time is better for your dough.

The dough kneading machines do not have to be installed in a fixed position, but are movable on rollers. This allows them to be used even when space is more limited.