Beeketal Churros machine sausage filler 7L incl. 4 pcs. PVC churros attachment BT07C

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Technical data:


Model: BT07C
Volume: 7 liters
Dimension: Approx. 300 x 340 x 830 mm (with retracted pressure plunger).
Cylinder dimensions: 140 x 460 mm










Now NEW: Incl. 4 pcs. PVC Churros attachment set: 3 different churros shapes

With this Churros Maker the Churros can be filled manually with jam or similar after the baking process.


(example picture)

Churros are almost unknown on the German market and therefore offer a great potential for expansion.

The Beeketal Churros Machine is an ideal helper to offer churros for your guests.

Incl. 5 stainless steel filling tubes in 10-16-22-32 and 38 mm diameter and 3 sealing rings!

In stock. Immediately available

Very solid construction

Churros machine completely made of stainless steel housing and cylinder

The Beeketal Churros machine is equipped with a 2 speed gearbox

Stainless steel vent valve, facilitates the filling of the dough by releasing the trapped air

Easy operation due to 2 speeds

International hygiene standard

Very easy cleaning

With SGS certificate

Naturally stainless

Perfect for showmen, restaurants, cafes and bakeries

Naturally detergent resistant

Suitable for right- and left-handers

Can also be used as a sausage filler, as it is technically identical to model BT07 and also equipped in exactly the same way. Therefore the filling tubes are also included



Beeketal Churros Maker:

The Beeketal Churros Machine enables you to enter into a new line of business. 
Cheap production costs and a good possible selling price will allow you to make good sales and thus a great profit.
In Spain churros have a long tradition and also in Latin America you can find churreria on almost every street corner. In the Churreria one hands traditionally hot dark chocolate.

But for German palates, churros actually offer even more. Why limit yourself to chocolate? Let your imagination run wild. The dough lends itself to many variations, such as those found in crepes. Egg liqueur, jam, but also hot sauces can be combined with churros and you can reach a large clientele.

The Churros dough is filled into the Churros machine. One produces then approx. 10 - 15 cm long star-shaped Churros which are baked in hot oil. The Churros are then served with chocolate sauce. In addition, you can sprinkle the churros with sugar or powdered sugar. Optionally, the churros can be filled with jam or similar.
The Beeketal churros machine is a combination device which also has the complete equipment of a sausage filler and is identical in construction to the BT07 from our range. We also ship the churros machine with the complete sausage filler equipment so that you can use this machine in even more ways.