Beeketal Gastro table top shelf top board

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Technical data:


Model: BTA-100 BTA-120 BTA-150 BTA-180


Max. load capacity: Max. 15 kg per shelf Max. 15 kg per shelf Max. 15 kg per shelf Max. 15 kg per shelf Max. 15 kg per shelf
Dimensions (L/W/H): approx.
990 x 280 x 630 mm
1190 x 280 x 630 mm
1490 x 280 x 630 mm
1795 x 280 x 630 mm
1995 x 280 x 630 mm
Dimensions Usable
surface (L/W):

approx. 980 x 270 mm

approx. 1180 x 270 mm approx. 1480 x 270 mm approx. 1785 x 270 mm

approx. 1985 x 270 mm

Distance between shelves: approx. 254 mm approx. 254 mm approx. 254 mm approx. 254 mm

approx. 254 mm

Net weight: approx. 6.4 kg approx. 7,2 kg approx. 8,4 kg

approx. 9.9 kg

approx. 10,9 kg



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New models

Available in different lengths
  Stainless steel

Stainless steel version

Equipped with 2 shelves

Generous storage surfaces

Easy to assemble

Max. Load capacity per shelf 15 kg - Total load max. 30 kg (with even distribution)

Designed for mounting on a kitchen worktable

Easy to clean

Sturdy connections for a secure stand

Ideal for professional use in the catering industry, also very suitable for private use











  • Model BTA-100:



  • Model BTA-120:



  • Model BTA-150:



  • Model BTA-180:



  • Model BTA-200:



Beeketal Top board:

The Beeketal top board is ideal for the professional use in the gastronomy.
The top board is made of stainless steelthus everywhere in the catering trade or similar problem-free applicable.

Through the stainless steel design is a quick and easy cleaning is guaranteed.

Through the generous storage areas a relaxed and clear work is guaranteed.

In addition, the top boards are very space-saving, as they are mounted on a stainless steel worktable.

The simple assembly is to be particularly emphasized.

The top board is available in different lengths.