Beeketal Mixer Menger Mixmaster Marinator

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Technical data:

Model: FMD20 FMD30 FMD40 FMD50 FMD60
Total volume: approx. 20 litres approx. 30 litres approx. 40 litres approx. 50 litres approx. 60 litres
Max. Filling quantity for meat: Max. 10 kg Max. 15 kg Max. 20 kg Max. 25 kg Max. 30 kg
Max. Filling quantity with
dry bulk material:
Max. 13 kg Max. 18 kg Max. 23 kg Max. 28 kg Max. 33 kg
Dimension (L/W/H): approx. 580 x 340 x 330 mm approx. 600 x 390 x 370 mm approx. 670 x 410 x 380 mm approx. 730 x 435 x 395 mm approx. 765 x 490 x 400 mm
Interior dimensions (L/W/H): approx. 345 x 295 x 230 mm approx. 375 x 345 x 275 mm approx. 440 x 375 x 270 mm approx. 495 x 395 x 285 mm approx. 540 x 445 x 300 mm
Net weight approx. 12 kg approx. 18 kg approx. 20,7 kg approx. 23 kg approx. 28 kg



(Shows model FMD20)



New Model

Volume: optional

Stainless steel version      

Stainless steel lid with 2 viewing slits

Extremely robust

Angled hood corners for secure fit

Extremely sturdy crank handle for continuous use

Gearbox of strong quality, designed for high loads. Allows easy handling even when mixer is full. Hard to manage without gearbox!

Easy cleaning

Equipped with 2 butterfly mixing paddles



Model FMD20:



Model FMD30:


Model FMD40:



Model FMD50:



Model FMD60:




The Beeketal MIXMASTER is versatile. Suitable for marinating meat, fish and poultry. Specially designed for mixing food, feed or other components.

A must for gastronomy, butcher's shops, bakeries and many other food sectors.

Convenient handling, easy cleaning!