Beeketal Mixer Menger Mixmaster Marinator

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Technical data:

Model: BPM-10 BPM-20 BPM-30 BPM-40
Total volume: approx. 10 litres approx. 20 litres approx. 30 litres approx. 40 litres
Max. Filling quantity for meat: Max. 5 kg Max. 10 kg Max. 15 kg Max. 20 kg
Max. Filling quantity with
dry bulk material:
Max. 6 kg Max. 13 kg Max. 18 kg Max. 23 kg
Dimension basic unit
approx. 460 x 240 x 405 mm approx. 545 x 260 x 400 mm approx. 580 x 290 x 420 mm approx. 630 x 320 x 430 mm
Interior dimensions
approx. 247 x 200 x 245 mm approx. 300 x 250 x 300 mm approx. 339 x 280 x 335 mm approx. 380 x 315 x 370 mm
Transmission gear available: NO YES YES YES
Net weight: approx. 6 kg approx. 9 kg approx. 10,5 kg approx. 14,5 kg

Product note:

The mixers offered here have production-related scratches in the surface.
These are merely external processing defects. The mixer is not affected in its function.



In this offer you can select different models / variants accordingly

(Shows the model BPM-20)



(Shows model BPM-20)




(Showing model BPM-20)



New Model

Volume: optional

Mixer tank tiltable to the front

Stainless steel design   

Stainless steel lid with 2 viewing slits

Extremely robust

Angled hood corners for secure fit

Extremely sturdy crank handle for continuous use

Model BPM-20, BPM-30 and BPM-40: Equipped with a transmission gearbox - gearbox of high quality, designed for high loads.
Model BPM-10 without gearbox


Easy cleaning

Equipped with 2 butterfly mixing paddles



Model BPM-10:



Model BPM-20:


Model BPM-30:






Model BPM-40:







The Beeketal MIXMASTER is versatile. Suitable for marinating meat, fish and poultry. Specially designed for mixing food, feed or other components.

A must for gastronomy, butcher's shops, bakeries and many other food sectors.

Convenient handling, easy cleaning!