Beeketal Gastro Rice Cooker Rice Cooker

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Technical data:


Model: BRK-5 BRK-10
Connection: 230 V - 50 Hz 230 V - 50 Hz
Power output: 1950 Watt 2950 Watt
Total volume: approx. 13 litres approx. 24 litres
Max. filling quantity: Max. 11 litres Max. 23 litres
Max. Processing quantity / loose rice in kg: Max. 4 kg (depending on variety) Max. 7.5 kg (depending on variety)
Dimension (L/W/H): approx. 420 x 480 x 350 mm approx. 585 x 475 x 375 mm
Dimension inner pot (Ø/H): approx. 320 x 180 mm approx. 380 x 210 mm
Portion quantity: approx. 35 - 50 approx. 80 - 110
Net weight: approx. 9 kg approx. 14 kg



(Shows model BRK-5)




(Showing model BRK-5)



(Sample image)



Suitable for various types of rice

With cooking function and keep warm function

Available in two different sizes

Stainless steel housing

Lid, handles, control panel and base made of sturdy plastic

Stable stand due to high weight

Incl. 1x measuring cup and 1x stirring spoon


Removable non-stick coated Inner pot

Easy cleaning

Easy operation




Model BRK-5:



Model BRK-10:




Incl. condensation water tray


Robust heating unit





The Beeketal rice cookers have been specially designed for for use in the catering trade, snack bar, sales trolley developed. The rice cookers are also suitable for private use private use, e.g. for family celebrations, clubs, etc. etc. very well suited.

Due to the generous capacity you can cook a large quantity of rice in one go.

Regardless of where you want to use the Beeketal rice cooker, it enables you to efficient and easy work.

With the Beeketal rice cooker you can cook different types of rice in no time at all. The rice cooker is equipped with a practical keep-warm function. Cooled rice is therefore impossible!

The Beeketal rice cooker impresses with its simple, robust technologywhich is almost indestructible.
The simple and safe handling handling is to be particularly emphasised.

Through the automatic cooking function, you always have the process in view.

The rice cooker is very quick and easy to clean.




  • 1,5 Kg Trockenmasse-Kapazität
  • 6 Geschwindigkeiten
  • 800 W für Kraftvolles arbeiten
  • Stabiler Stand durch hohes Gewicht von ca. 10 Kg und Saugfüßen