Beeketal Electric Food Warmer Chafing Dish

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Technical data:


Model: BCD-5E
Connection: 230 V - 50 Hz
Power: 500 watts
Volume water filler bowl: max. 7 litres
Temperature setting: 20 - 85 °C
Overall dimensions (L/W/H): approx. 580 x 355 x 270 mm
Dimension bowl (L/W/H): approx. 500 x 300 x 65 mm
Power cable length: approx. 1100 mm
Net weight: approx. 3,6 kg







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New model

Housing made of robust plastic

Food container and lid made of stainless steel

Stable stand due to high weight

Large capacity

Suitable for keeping food warm

Safe and simple operation

Adjustable temperature








The food warmers have been specially developed for use in the catering industry, snack bars, etc. No matter where you want to use the Beeketal food warmer, the food warmers enable you to efficient and easy work.

The Beeketal food warmers are used for keep food warm / heat up sauces, etc. etc.

The timeless design of the food warmer adapts to any ambience, is inconspicuous and practical.

The Beeketal food warmer impresses with its simple, robust technology which is virtually indestructible. The simple and safe handling handling is particularly noteworthy.

The Beeketal food warmers are easy to use in buffets. No matter whether for breakfast, brunch, lunch etc.

Do you often have large parties? Do you rent out a hall? Do you have a party service? The food warmers are ideal for many occasions.



  • 1,5 Kg Trockenmasse-Kapazität
  • 6 Geschwindigkeiten
  • 800 W für Kraftvolles arbeiten
  • Stabiler Stand durch hohes Gewicht von ca. 10 Kg und Saugfüßen