Beeketal stainless steel sausage filler BT/BTH-series 3-15L incl. 5 filling spouts + 3 seals

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Beeketal stainless steel sausage filler in different versions!

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Technical data:

Model: Volume: Dimensions: Cylinder dimension: Height with extended
Net weight:
BT03 3 litres approx. 30 x 34 x 57 cm 140 x 200 mm approx. 76 cm approx. 8,5 kg
BT05 5 litres approx. 30 x 34 x 69 cm 140 x 320 mm approx. 99 cm approx. 9,5 kg
BT07 7 litres approx. 30 x 34 x 83 cm 140 x 460 mm approx. 127 cm approx. 11 kg
BT10 10 litres approx. 30 x 33 x 58 cm 219 x 270 mm approx. 92 cm approx. 14,5 kg
BT12 12 litres approx. 30 x 33 x 63 cm 219 x 320 mm approx. 105 cm approx. 15 kg
BT15 15 litres approx. 30 x 33 x 71 cm 219 x 400 mm approx. 116 cm approx. 16,5 kg
BTH03 3 litres approx. 24 x 23 x 47 cm 140 x 200 mm   approx. 7,5 kg
BTH05 5 litres approx. 24 x 23 x 59 cm 140 x 320 mm   approx. 9 kg
BTH07 7 litres approx. 83 x 23 x 24 cm 140 x 460 mm   approx. 10,5 kg


(Shows model BT07)


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Stainless steel housing and cylinder

Incl. 5 filling nozzles 10 - 16 - 22 - 32 and 38 mm

 Hardened 2 speed gearbox

Incl. 2 spare sealing rings (3 in total)

 Valve for venting (stainless steel)

 Solid construction

International hygiene standard

With SGS certificate

  Detergent resistant


(Shows model BTH05)



Beeketal: Stainless steel sausage filler BT/BTH series:

The BT sausage fillers have a capacity of optionally 3-15 litres and are completely made of made of high quality stainless steel stainless steel.

With this model comes our hardened 2 speed full metal gearbox is used.
This gear makes the work noticeably easier and is used in all sausage fillers of the Beeketal BT, BTH and MT series.
To fill the sausage stuffer, the cylinder is unlocked and removed sideways (vertical model), or upwards after unlocking (horizontal model).
The filling tubes are screwed onto the thread at the bottom by means of a union nut.
These sausage fillers also have a vent valve on the upper side of the plunger, with which excess air in the filling material can be released. In the pressure plate of the pressure plunger there is a high-quality silicone seal.
On the side of the sausage stuffer there are two gear rims for either fast or slow operation, on which the drive crank is inserted.
The Beeketal sausage fillers are suitable for all types of sausage.