Beeketal Vacuum Tumbler

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Technical data:

Model: FTB-38 FTB-45 FTB-60
Connection: 230 V - 50 Hz 230 V - 50 Hz 230 V - 50 Hz
Power output: 200 Watt 200 Watt 200 watts
total volume: approx. 38 litres approx. 42 litres approx. 60 litres
Max. Filling quantity for meat: Max. 20 kg Max. 25 kg Max. 30 kg
Motor speed/minute: 27 rpm 27 rpm 27 rpm
Dimension basic unit
approx. 750 x 405 x 905 mm approx. 860 x 460 x 940 mm approx. 890 x 485 x 1015 mm
Power cable length: approx. 1230 mm approx. 1230 mm approx. 1230 mm
Net weight: approx. 25.8 kg approx. 28.1 kg approx. 36,2 kg

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In this offer you can choose different models / variants accordingly



(Shows model FTB-45)



New Model

Volume: optional

Container completely rotatable (not lockable)

Stainless steel version   

Easy handling

Gentle operation

Extremely robust

Digital Display



Equipped with 2 brakable castors

An E1 / E2 crate with a width of 400 mm can be placed under the drum

Mixes and polishes under vacuum

Also suitable for salting

To reduce weight loss

Easy cleaning




Model FTB-38:

Model FTB-45:



Model FTB-60:



Beeketal Vacuum Tumbler:


With the Beeketal vacuum tumbler you can gently mix, salt and pound meat under vacuum.

The tumbler ensures appropriate water binding with the meat protein. Weight loss of the meat is reduced accordingly.
The appearance and colour of the meat is improved by the tumbler.

The meat becomes very tender due to the rotations under vacuum.

The vacuum time and the time for the mixing process can be set digitally on the tumbler. In addition, you can choose between different rotations of the drum.
Through the digital display you always have the process in view.

The tumbler can be emptied easily, the drum can be tilted completely. A container can be placed under the drum, optionally an E1 / E2 crate.
This ensures easy and quick emptying. The tumbler is easy to clean.

Due to the different selectable generous volumes it is possible for you to process a large amount of meat in a short time.