Beeketal Table Cutter Cutter BFK9

Item number 974


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Technical data:

Model: BFK9
Connection: 230 V - 50 Hz
Power: 400 watts
total volume: approx. max. 6.4 litres
Max. processing quantity: max. 2,5 kg finished sausage meat
Dimension L/W/H: approx. 670 x 400 x 400 mm
Outer diameter of bowl: approx. 410 mm
Inner diameter of bowl: approx. 380 mm
rpm knife: approx. 1460
rpm bowl: approx. 20
Net weight: approx. 43 kg


Please include your phone number and valid mail address when ordering, as the item will be shipped by freight forwarding company.
The dispatch by forwarding agency takes approx. 3-7 days.


Due to production, the cutter may have polish residue.
Please clean the cutter thoroughly before first use as described in the instruction manual.




New model

Heavy stable design

Housing, fastening screw for the cutter head as well as cover made of aluminium

Bowl, knife and cutter made of stainless steel

Large total volume of max. 6,4 litres

For max. 2,5 kg incl. all ingredients / bulk Suitable for finished sausage meat

1 speed

Effortlessly chops meat, vegetables and fruits etc....

 Easy operation

Incl. FREE accessories:

  • 1x V-belt (replacement)
  • 1x Schlesinger (dough scraper)
  • 2x assembly wrench



Special bowl design for best results and high efficiency

Best stability and compact dimensions

Height-adjustable feet to compensate for any unevenness in the surface

Equipped with a 2 blade head
  Removable cutter head

Removable cutter head and bowl

Special cutting blades for best results







No matter where you want to use the Beeketal cutter, it will enable you to work efficient and easy work. With the cutter you can 2.5 kg of finished sausage meat. produce.

The Beeketal table cutter is ideal for the production of sausage meat of various types. This cutter cuts meat, vegetables and fruit just as you wish.

The timeless design of the cutter adapts to any ambience.

The Beeketal cutter is very easy and quick to clean.

The cutter is affordable and through the high possible throughput, results in an economy that is second to none. So your investment will probably pay off sooner than you think.