Beeketal electric smoker manual BDSH-S03L

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Technical data:


Model: BDSH-S03L
Connection: 230 V - 50 Hz
Power: 1000 watts
Temperature range: 30 - 135°C
time setting: max. 12 hours
Interior dimensions: approx. W: 400 x D: 340 x H: 1080 mm
Dimension outside: approx. W: 600 x D: 450 x H: 1320 mm
Net weight: approx. 34 kg


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The Beeketal electric smoker is the smoker with perhaps the most perfect result, exactly to your specifications!

This is a special production for Beeketal.

Complete stainless steel construction of the body inside and outside. Extra large model with 8 shelves.

This model was optimized after several years of sales experience by us, in cooperation with the manufacturer! The experiences of us and our customers flowed into the development.
The desire for a larger smoking room was implemented and made of stainless steel.

Let us convince you of the quality of the Beeketal smoker. The best model we have ever offered!



8 shelves made of chrome-plated material ensure good usability and optimum distribution of the smoked material


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Optimized smoking by thermostat and time control

Smoking bowl for the admission of the smoke chips makes exact dosage and uniform verräuchern possible

A roof is attached above the smoking tray, which effectively prevents fat from dripping onto the chips and thus ensures a healthy smoking process

Effective heating coil for smoking the sawdust

Double-walled design

Stainless steel interior
  Outside made of stainless steel

Outside made of stainless steel

Interior thermal insulation (rock wool) for energy efficiency

Secure closure








The Beeketal smoker is a top product when it comes to smoking.

Smoking depends on the right mixture of smoking flour and heat.

Here we offer you a perfect solution. You can set the temperature and smoking time via the electronic control unit, giving you complete control.
The drip protection ensures that the smoking chips do not produce harmful smoke due to dripping fat.

The entire interior is lined with stainless steel, making it easy to clean and rust-free.

The entire smoker is double-walled and is therefore very energy efficient, insulated with rock wool.

This model was specially created according to customer requests from the past. The manufacturer and Beeketal work hand in hand.
With this model, we offer the best smoker we have ever had in our range. Many thanks also to the customers who have helped us with tips and advice from practice and thus made this result possible.



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-Temperature sensor

-Time setting

-Stainless steel inner lining

-Stainless steel body

-Double-walled insulated