Beeketal smoke generator cold smoke generator economy smoke tube

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Technical data cold smoke generator:


approx. 125 x 200 x 45 mm approx. 215 x 205 x 47 mm approx. 275 x 270 x 46 mm approx. 200 x 128 x 80 mm approx. 345 x 205 x 45 mm approx. 350 x 270 x 45 mm
Number of sawdust chambers: 3 chambers 5 chambers 5 chambers 3 chambers 8 chambers 8 chambers
Net weight: approx. 220 g approx. 320 g approx. 500 g approx. 700 g approx. 680 g approx. 880 g

Product note: The dimensions given are approximate and may vary by a few mm depending on the model.


Technical data cold smoke generator / smoke tube:

Model: BKE-1V BKE-2E BKE-3R
Dimension (L/W/H): approx. 340 x 50 x 50 mm approx. 310 x 55 x 55 mm approx. 306 x 50 x 50 mm
Type Sawdust chamber: 1 chamber / 4 angular 1 chamber / 6 square 1 chamber / round
Net weight: approx. 260 g approx. 220 g approx. 180 g

Product note: The dimensions are approximate and may vary by a few mm depending on the model.

(Example picture: sawdust and tealight are not included)



NOTE: The XL-B1 model is designed for use without a tea light and must be lit manually.
Only on this model are the partitions internally ventilated as they are double walled and therefore have a cavity.

Note: Only the models XL , XXL, XXXL have a device for a tea light.
With all other smoke generators this is not available! The ignition must be done manually!



Different models selectable

Beeketal Cold smoke generator / Smoking tube - directly from the master butcher for best results

Smoking tubes closed on one side

Quality product made of stainless steel V4A - compare us with the competition

To produce smoke, especially suitable for cold smoking
  Very solid

Very solid construction

Dishwasher safe

NOT A CHEAP PRODUCT - made of sharp-edged stainless steel wire mesh

The holes have been specially computer drilled

For up to 20 hours of even cold smoke production with one filling possible

Suitable for loosely poured smoking meal

Easy refilling of the sawdust possible

Only suitable for very fine sawdust

Sawdust glows evenly

Simple operation

Tealight to ignite the sawdust (depending on model / not included), must be removed after the glowing process has started

Suitable for smokehouses up to 5 cubic meters capacity (depending on model)

Suitable for all smokers, smoker cabinets, smokers, BBQ's, self-built smokers and closed grills. Also suitable for the Beeketal smokers BDSH-S03 and BDSH-S03L.

Suitable for cold smoking in summer, as only minimal air heating is generated from this cold smoke generator.


(example picture)




The Beeketal cold smoke generator is a top product when it comes to smoking.

With the cold smoke generator you can easily produce smoke. The smoke generator can be placed in the smoker as desired. Then the tea light is ignited. The sawdust is now slowly ignited and develops up to 20 hours of cold smoke.

The sawdust glows evenly. The sawdust can be refilled at any time without problems.

Ideally suited for cold smoking.

The cold smoke generator is made of high quality stainless steel stainless steel, so it is very easy and quick to clean.


Suitable for very many foods such as:

Seafood, fish, meat, sausage, poultry, vegetables, baked goods, potatoes, eggs, crops, etc.
But also fishing bait or animal feed can be smoked with this cold smoke generator. Let your imagination run wild and just try it out!


(Sawdust and tea light are not included)