Beeketal Suckling pig grill with complete cover - BSGW-150G

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Technical data:

Model: BSGW-150G
Connection: 230V - 50Hz
Motor power: 56 Watt
Max. load of suckling pig max. 35 kg
Max. load on rolled roast, spit roast etc.: max: max. 70 kg
Dimensions: approx. 1520 x 580 x 980 mm
Dimension grill surface: approx. 1250 x 490 mm
rpm approx. 4
Net weight: approx. 44 kg


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Please note that the grill for suckling pigs offered here may have slight, small dents in the cover.



New model

Suckling pig grill made of stainless steel


NEW: Incl. bottle opener
The bottle opener is included in the shipment and can be mounted on the suckling pig grill housing by yourself if needed!



Barbecue charcoal container made of folded iron inox

With complete cover

The suckling pig grill can be loaded with a suckling pig up to max. 35 kg

With roll roast, spit roast etc. the suckling pig grill can be loaded up to max. 70 kg

Ideally suited for own home use, party service etc.

Ideally suited for large barbecued food, e.g. sheep, pork, chicken etc.

Very solid construction

The temperature inside the grill can be easily measured by the dial gauge attached to the outside of the cover

Approx. 2 mm thick support for the spit

Suckling pig grill Wig welded

Simple operation, easy assembly!

Secure stand, due to 4 brakable rollers

The suckling pig grill is 4-fold height adjustable in 10 cm steps

The suckling pig grill can be easily transported due to the existing rollers

Large grill surface available approx. 1250 x 490 mm

3 individually removable grill grates made of chrome-plated material

In the frame of the suckling pig grill is a ventilation for heat regulation available

Large charcoal container, easy to remove for easy cleaning

Rotating 1.4301 stainless steel spit, motor-driven

Charcoal container designed for approx. 30 kg briquettes

Incl. holders for the food to be grilled



Easy to assemble due to existing wing nuts. No tools are needed for assembly!


Beeketal Suckling Pig Grill:

The Beeketal suckling pig grill is very well suitable for different grilled food. Also for large grilled foodsuch as sheep, pork, turkey, chicken is this very well suited.

The suckling pig grill is up to the charcoal tray completely made of high quality stainless steel stainless steel. The Beeketal suckling pig grill impresses with its simple and robust technology which is almost indestructible. The simple and safe handling is particularly noteworthy.

Due to the rotating spityour food is grilled evenly. The height of the spit can be adjusted 4 times in 10 cm steps so that you can regulate the heat as required.

The Beeketal suckling pig grill is ideally suited for private use, party service etc.

The large grill surface offers plenty of space for your barbecued food. The 3 existing grill grates are individually easy to remove.

The charcoal tray can be easily removed, making it very quick and easy to clean.

The suckling pig grill offers a high stability, can be moved easily and safely by the existing rollers. In addition, the suckling pig grill is equipped with 4 brakable rollers equipped.

A device to our taste, true to our motto:

Quality - Performance - Passion