Beeketal suckling pig grill

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Model: BSG-150SG
Connection: 230 V - 50 Hz
Motor power: 56 watts
Max. load of suckling pig max. 35 kg
Max. load on rolled roast, spit-roast, etc: max. 50 kg (with even distribution)
Dimension L/W/H: approx. 1700 x 430 x 750 mm
Length barbecue spit: approx. 1500 mm
Barbecue spit diameter: approx. 25 mm
Usable spit length: approx. 1390 mm
rpm approx. 4
Cable length: approx. 1700 mm
Net weight: approx. 10 kg









 New model

Stainless steel version

Without charcoal container / grill grate: designed for use over a fire, grill, charcoal pan etc.

The suckling pig grill can be loaded with a suckling pig up to max. 35 kg

With rolled roast, spit roast etc. the suckling pig grill can be loaded up to max. 50 kg (with even distribution)

Ideally suited for own home use, party service etc.

Ideally suited for large barbecued food, e.g. sheep, pork, chicken etc.

Very solid construction

Simple operation, easy assembly

Secure stand, due to existing fastening hooks

(Example picture)



The spit of the suckling pig grill is laterally adjustable 4-fold

Rotating stainless steel spit, by motor drive


Incl. holders for the food to be grilled

  Easy cleaning

Easy cleaning

Versatile use











Beeketal Suckling Pig Grill:


The suckling pig grill is made of high quality stainless steel manufactured. The Beeketal suckling pig grill impresses with its simple and robust technology, which performs its work almost indestructible. The simple and safe handling is particularly noteworthy.

Due to the rotating spityour suckling pig is grilled evenly. The spit can be adjusted sideways 4 times so that you can regulate the heat as required.

The Beeketal suckling pig grill is ideally suited for private use, party services etc.

The suckling pig grill offers a high stability due to the existing fastening hooks.