Beeketal stainless steel bucket bucket versch. Versions

Item number 548

Variantennummer:BEE-10 - 7.5 Liter Volumen

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Beeketal stainless steel bucket in different sizes and designs!

You can select the appropriate size and design above in this offer!


Technical data:


Model Total volume Dimension - inside

Dimension - Outside

Net Weight:
BEE-10 approx. 7.5 litres approx. diameter: 250 mm, H: 195 mm

approx. diameter top: 265 mm, H: 240 mm
approx. diameter bottom: 195 mm

approx. 1,1 kg
BEE-13 approx. 14.5 litres approx. diameter: 295 mm, H: 255 mm

approx. diameter top: 310 mm, H: 290 mm
approx. diameter bottom: 245 mm

approx. 1,5 kg
BEE-20 approx. 24 litres approx. diameter: 345 mm, H: 295 mm

approx. diameter top: 360 mm, H: 330 mm
approx. diameter bottom: 300 mm

approx. 2,1 kg
BEE-12 approx. 12 litres approx. diameter: 195 mm, H: 395 mm

approx. diameter: 210 mm, H: 400 mm

approx. 1,1 kg
BEE-14 approx. 15 litres approx. diameter: 215 mm, H: 395 mm

approx. diameter: 230 mm, H: 400 mm

approx. 1,3 kg






(Example picture: Decoration shown is not included!)



Made of stainless steel, polished, rustproof

With practical handle/carrying handle (depending on model), therefore easy to transport

Ideally suited for food, milk, liquids, slaughter goods etc.

Lightweight design

Sturdy construction

Easy cleaning

Scaling is not available