Beeketal liqueur funnel fondant funnel sauce funnel - BLT-17

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Technical data:

Model: BLT-17
Volume: approx. 2 litres
Inner diameter opening top: approx. 180 mm
Diameter attachments: 3 mm + 5 mm + 6 mm
Dimension funnel: approx. W: 275 mm x D: 180 x H: 220 mm
Overall dimensions: approx. W: 275 mm x D: 180 mm x H: 270 mm
Net weight: approx. 800 g







Made of stainless steel

2 litres total volume

Incl. stand

Ideal for dosing sauces, liqueurs, soups etc.

Incl. 3 attachments in 3 mm, 5 mm, 6 mm


Simple operation

Easy cleaning

Manual handling

With practical fastening device in the handle for the additional attachments





BEEKETAL: Liquor funnel

The Beeketal liqueur funnel has been specially designed for use in the gastronomy, bakery, snack bar, etc.etc. The liqueur funnel is also suitable for private use very well suited.

No matter where you would like to use the Beeketal liqueur funnel, it will enable you to efficient and easy work.

The timeless design of the liqueur funnel adapts to any ambience. The funnel is made of high quality stainless steel stainless steel.

With the Beeketal liqueur funnel you can e.g. soups, sauces, liqueur etc.. dosed as desired. The simple and safe handling handling is to be particularly emphasised.

The Beeketal liqueur funnel impresses with its simple robust technology.

The liqueur funnel has a large total volume of approx. 2 litres.

The Beeketal liqueur funnel is very easy and quick to clean.