Beeketal Storage holder Holder for vegetable slicers BGSH (A4.1 / A5.1)

Item number 608


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Technical data:

Dimensions (L/W/H): approx. 400 x 247 x 87 mm
Spacing width (gap): approx. 18 mm
Number of brackets: 18
Net weight: approx. 720 g



(Example picture: The shown vegetable slicing discs are not included!)




 Storage holder for vegetable slicing discs

Suitable for 18 vegetable slicing discs

Sturdy construction

In any case suitable for Beeketal vegetable slicers:
For other manufacturers, be sure to compare the dimensions of the slices with the holder before buying!


Colour: White

The holder can be ideally placed on the worktop, in the cupboard, etc.