Beeketal safety fuel paste

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Beeketal safety burning paste for food warmer Chafing Dish!

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Technical data:

Scope of delivery: versch. Packing units selectable
Dimension: approx. Ø 85 mm H: 54 mm
Filling quantity per tin: approx. 200 g
Net weight per tin: approx. 240 g


Hazard class Hazard statements
Flammable liquids (Flam. Liq. 2) H225: Highly flammable liquid and vapour.
Flammable solids (Flam. Sol. 1) H228; Highly flammable solid
Serious eye damage/irritation (Eye Irrit.2) H319: Causes serious eye irritation

Keep out of the reach of children. Always observe the safety data sheet / operating instructions included in the scope of delivery!
(Hazard statements can be found further down in the article description)




(Example picture: Fuel paste container is not included in delivery)

Safety fuel paste suitable for Chafing Dish food warmer

Type: non-toxic because based on ethanol

Filling quantity: per tin approx. 200 g

Scope of supply: Different packing units are selectable in this offer

  • 6 pieces
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  • 24 pieces
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  • 48 pieces
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  • 144 pieces

Very long burning time: approx. max. 3 h 20 min.

Reclosable and again immediately ready for use

Easy, safe handling

Clean combustion

High heat output


Suitable in any case for the Beeketal fuel paste containers, as well as common fuel paste containers (compare with a foreign product before the purchase necessarily the mentioned dimensions)

(Example picture: Deco, Chafing Dish is not included in the offer)



Note: Must not get into the hands of children. Please observe the safety data sheet / operating instructions included in the scope of delivery in any case!