Beeketal Crepes turner Dough turner Crepes

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Beeketal Crepes turner in different sizes selectable!

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Technical data:


Model Blade length Total length Blade width (conical) Net Weight
BCW-31 approx. 310 mm approx. 445 mm approx. 4.3 - 3.4 cm approx. 140 g
BCW-35 approx. 355 mm approx. 490 mm approx. 5 - 3,9 cm approx. 160 g




Blade made of stainless steel      

Ergonomic handle made of high quality PVC

Safe, easy handling

Ideal suitable for cafes, restaurants, snack vending carts etc.

Suitable for turning crepes, batter etc.

Easy cleaning

(Model selectable)




The Beeketal crepe turner has been specially developed for use in the catering trade, snack bars, vending trolleys. The crepe turner is also very suitable for private use, e.g. for family celebrations, clubs, etc.

Regardless of where you want to use the Beeketal crepe turner, it enables you to efficient and easy work.

The blade of the crepe turner is made of high-quality stainless steel stainless steel.

The Beeketal crepe turner is very easy and quick to clean.