Beeketal Gastro Crepes Plate Crepesmaker BC40-1

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Technical data:


Model: BC40-1
Connection: 230 V - 50 Hz
Power: 3000 watts
Temperature setting: 50 - 300 °C
Diameter plate: approx. 400 mm
Dimension: approx. 470 x 450 x 230 mm
Net weight: approx. 15 kg

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New model

Large non-stick coated crepes surface of approx. 400 mm

Stainless steel housing

Ideal suitable for cafes, restaurants, snack vending carts etc.

Temperature adjustable

Stable stand due to high weight

Robust technology that withstands long use

Easy operation due to high clarity and self-explanatory controls

Convenient handling, easy cleaning

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The Beeketal Crepes Maker has been specially designed for use in the gastronomy, snack bars, vending developed. The Crepes Maker is also suitable for for private use, e.g. for family celebrations, clubs, etc. etc. very well suited.

No matter where you want to use the Beeketal Crepes Maker, it will enable you to efficient and easy work.

The timeless design of the Crepes Maker adapts to any ambience. The housing is made of stainless steel stainless steel.

The Beeketal Crepes Maker captivates with its simple robust technologywhich is almost indestructible. The simple and safe handling handling is to be particularly emphasized.

Due to the precisely adjustable temperature you have precise control to make perfect, tasty crepes for your guests.

The Beeketal Crepes Maker is very easy and easy and quick to clean.

The Crepes Maker is affordable and due to the high possible throughput, the profitability is second to none. So your investment will probably pay off sooner than you think.

Prepare an unforgettable taste experience for your guests with the unforgettable taste experience.