Sausage Filling Machine Sausage Filler 3L incl. Hamburger Patty Machine 2 Speed Transmission

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Technical data of the sausage stuffer:

Model: BT03P
Volume: 3 liters
Dimension: Approx. 300 x 340 x 570 mm (with retracted pressure plunger).
Cylinder dimensions: 140 x 200 mm


Technical data patty attachment:


Weight: approx. 1,5 kg
Patty diameter: 100 mm
Thickness of patty's: approx. 1,9 cm (3/4")
Weight of the patty's: approx. 150 g





Now in a unique combination. Beeketal Sausage filler incl. patty attachment for hamburgers

Complete stainless steel housing and stainless steel cylinder

Incl. 5 stainless steel filling tubes in 10-16-22-32 and 38 mm diameter and 3 gaskets

Very solid construction

Of course detergent resistant

Easy operation due to 2 speeds

International hygiene standard

Very easy cleaning

With SGS certificate

Naturally stainless

Hardened 2 speed metal gear model


 Stainless steel vent valve, makes it easier to fill the sausage casing by releasing trapped air! (Compare with competitors, after all you want to get sausage into the casing and not hot air).


The + in flexibility for your sausage filler. Do something different!

Drawer system for easy continuous production

Transparent acrylic plate closes the system at the top and you keep everything in view

Hygienic due to drawer system with handles

Special high strength plastic and acrylic for heavy duty and long life!

Suitable for right and left handers





Beeketal Sausage filler incl. Hamburger patty attachment:


The Beeketal sausage filler has a 3 litre capacity and is completely made of made of high quality stainless steel stainless steel.
To fill the sausage filler, the cylinder is unlocked and removed from the side. The filling tubes are screwed onto the thread at the bottom by means of a union nut.
This sausage filler also has a vent valve on the upper side of the plunger, with which excess air in the filling material can be released. In the pressure plate of the pressure plunger there is a high-quality silicone seal.
On the side of the sausage filler there are two gear rims for either fast or slow operation, on which the drive crank is plugged.

Now the whole thing is additionally combined with a patty attachment for hamburgers. Thereby you get a further application possibility to the hand! This patty attachment is only suitable for the Beeketal sausage filler.

Hamburger meat does not always have to taste the same. You certainly have ideas for the right seasoning.
Do you want to offer your guests that special kick? That special taste experience? Not just a hamburger off the peg, but your very own special taste!

You are the expert! You have the know-how to make something special out of your meat. Make use of this knowledge and give yourself and your customers the decisive shot of individuality.

Extra hot hamburgers with chilli, a high vegetable content, special spice mixtures!

It is now easy to create a hamburger with a difference. This could be your decisive advantage in the competition.
Suitable for all types of sausages/hamburgers.