Beeketal dish warmer cup warmer

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Technical data:


Model: BTW-1 BTW-2
Connection: 230 V - 50 Hz 230 V - 50 Hz
Power: 140 watts (70 + 70 watts separately adjustable) 140 Watt (70 + 70 Watt separately adjustable)
Dimension (W/D/H): approx. 250 x 320 x 550 mm approx. 320 x 320 x 550 mm
Dimension compartment (W/D/H): approx. 210 x 295 x 174 mm approx. 280 x 295 x 174 mm
Dimensions of top shelf (W/D): approx. 183 x 285 mm approx. 250 x 285 mm
  • Total: max. approx. 36 cups
  • per compartment max. approx. 18 cups
    (depending on size)
  • Total: max. approx. 72 cups
  • per compartment max. approx. 36 cups
    (depending on size)
Net weight: approx. 9,9 kg approx. 11 kg






(Example pictures: Decoration not included)



New model

Ideal for preheating and keeping cups, soup bowls, mugs etc warm.

Stainless steel housing

1 shelf on top for e.g. saucers, cups

2 heating compartments - separately adjustable
  Stable stand

Stable stand, due to high weight
  Even heat distribution

Even heat distribution

Temperature not adjustable

Safe simple operation

Elegant modern design

Easy cleaning

Very solid construction

(Example picture: Decoration not included)






The Beeketal cup warmers are specially designed for the for the use in gastronomy, snack bars etc. etc. The cup warmers are also suitable for private use for e.g. family celebrations, weddings, clubs, etc. very well suited.

No matter where you want to use the Beeketal cup warmers, they allow you to efficient and easy work.

The cup warmers are ideal for preheating and keeping cups, mugs, crockery etc. warm.. Due to the two generous heating compartments you can heat a total of up to approx. 72 or 36 cups (depending on size). heated.
Coffee that cools down quickly? Not with the Beeketal cup warmer! Preheated cups keep the coffee warm and full-bodied for longer!

The cup warmer offers you an additional storage surface above the appliance. This means that new cups or saucers, for example, are quickly to hand.

Due to the even heat distribution the cups are heated evenly. The cup warmer is equipped with two thermostats. This allows the compartments to be heated separately be heated separately.

The timeless design of the cup warmer fits into any ambience. The housing is made of high-quality stainless steel stainless steel.

The easy and safe handling of the cup warmer is to be particularly emphasized. In addition, the cup warmers are very easy and quick to clean.