Beeketal Gastro Pizza Oven Pizza BPO040-2

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Technical data:


Model: BPO040-2
Connection: 400 V - 50 Hz
Power: 8800 watts
Temperature setting: 50 - 350°C
Dimension firebrick: approx. 638 x 430 mm
Dimension chamber: approx. 640 x 435 x 170 mm
Dimension pizza oven (W/D/H): approx. 940 x 600 x 860 mm
Net weight: approx. 79,5 kg


The pizza oven is equipped with a 400 V power plug.
Please note that the installation of a high-voltage plug requires the consent of the respective electricity provider.
Furthermore, the pizza oven may only be installed by an electrician who is listed in the electricity supplier's directory.



Please include your phone number and valid mail address when ordering, as the item will be shipped via freight forwarding.
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New Model

Ideal for pizzas and other dough dishes

Always the same, perfect results

Powerful 8800 watts

400 V connection

The temperature can be set individually from 50°C to 350°C, just as you need it. After reaching the desired temperature, the oven automatically keeps the temperature constant.

The built-in lighting and the glass doors allow you to easily follow and supervise the baking process.

Elegant modern design

Two baking surfaces equipped with firebricks

The non-slip feet ensure a safe stand

Very solid construction

Simple operation


Easy cleaning

Ideal for hotels, restaurants, snack bars, etc.









The Beeketal pizza oven was developed especially for the for use in the catering trade, snack bar, sales trolley developed. The pizza oven is also very suitable for private use, e.g. family celebrations, clubs, etc.

No matter where you want to use the Beeketal pizza oven, the pizza oven enables you to efficient and easy work.
The timeless design of the pizza oven adapts to any ambience.

The Beeketal pizza oven impresses with its simple robust technologywhich performs its work almost indestructibly. The simple and safe handling handling is to be particularly emphasized.

Due to the precisely adjustable temperature you have the exact control to produce perfect, tasty dishes for your guests. The pizza oven can up to 350°C regulated.

Through the available glass door and the lighting in the interior, you always have the baking process in view.

The Beeketal pizza oven is very easy and quick to clean.
The pizza oven is affordable and through the high possible throughput, results in an economy that is second to none. So your investment will probably pay off sooner than you think.
Prepare an unforgettable taste experience for your guests with the Beeketal pizza oven.