Beeketal Gastro salad spinner

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Model: SB-Maxi25
Total volume: approx. 25 litres
Outside dimension W/H: approx. 425 x 520 mm
Inside dimension W/H: approx. 415 x 400 mm
Centrifugal sieve inner diameter: approx. 330 mm
Drain hose length: approx. 1450 mm
Net weight: approx. 3,4 kg




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Made of high quality food safe plastic

Total volume approx. 25 litres

Colour: orange

Equipped with a crank drive

Centrifugal sieve removable

Easy handling

Sturdy construction

Incl. water drain hose

Suitable for dishwashers (body as well as spinning sieve)









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Beeketal Salad Spinner:


Every cook knows how time-consuming it can be to prepare fresh and washed lettuce.
With larger crowds of customers, the mere act of washing and drying lettuce can quickly put you behind schedule....
This should not happen to you with the SB-Maxi25 salad spinner from Beeketal.

An extra large total volume of around 25 litreseasy handling and a smooth-running hand crank drive make it easy for you to prepare always enough fresh and washed salad quickly and reliably. The extra sturdily built Beeketal SB-Maxi25 salad spinner is made of high-quality, food-safe plastic and has a removable spinning sieve. removable spinning sieve and is also supplied with a 145 cm long water drain hose equipped.