Beeketal Gastro Stainless Steel Shelf Wall Shelf

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Technical data:


Model: Max. Load capacity
per shelf:
Dimension (L/W/): Number
Shelf thickness: Net weight: Rear upstand
WAB-120 max. 35 kg approx. 1200 x 300 mm    1 approx. 35 mm approx. 4,4 kg YES
WAB-150 max. 35 kg approx. 1500 x 300 mm    1 approx. 35 mm approx. 5,4 kg YES
WABG-30 max. 35 kg approx. 1200 x 300 mm    1 approx. 35 mm approx. 6,2 kg YES


The wall shelves are shipped by DHL as bulky goods.
Shipments that are sent by bulky goods can usually have a slightly longer delivery time (about 2-5 days).
We ask for your understanding.

(Shows model WAB-120)


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Accessories model WAB-120 + WAB-150:


Accessories model WABG-30:


Beeketal Wall Shelf:

The Beeketal wall shelf is ideally suited for professional professional use in the gastronomy. Likewise this is very well suitable for the private home use.
The shelf is made of stainless steel thus everywhere in the catering trade, large kitchens, hospitals or the like problem-free applicable.

Due to the generous shelves the wall shelf offers a lot of storage space. Hereby order and a clear clear arrangement is guaranteed.

The simple assembly of the wall shelf is to be emphasized.

The wall shelf has a high load capacity capacity.

Due to the stainless steel design quick and easy cleaning is guaranteed.

The wall shelf is supplied with a white protective film. This was edged during production to avoid unnecessary scratches in the surface. This can be removed from the shelf if necessary.