Beeketal fish bone cutter BFG-125

Item number 507


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Technical data:


Model: BFG-125
Width filling chute L/W:   Approx. 125 x 25 mm   
Dimension: approx. 420 x 320 x 435 mm
Net weight: approx. 5,8 kg










New model

Ideally suited for restaurants, commercial kitchens, anglers etc. or for your own home use

Complete stainless steel housing

Suitable for fish fillets with skin

Filling chute approx. 12,5 cm wide

Chops fish bones effortlessly




Shortens the cooking time

Solid construction

Simple operation

Food safe

Very easy cleaning






The Beeketal fish bone cutter manual is designed for the fish bone cutting of any fish fillets.

Due to the size feed chute opening of approx. 12.5 cm larger fillets can also be processed. The fish bone cutter is easy to use and quick to clean.

Only the bones are shredded, the fish remains in its size and the cooking time is also considerably reduced.

The fish bone cutter from Beeketal saves you the tiresome search for fish bones. You can therefore enjoy your fish fillet straight away.

The fish bone cutter is not adjustable in width and length.